Agricultural Nature Hike Tour St Maarten – St Martin

Adventures in our Caribbean Garden

Our island is rich with generational lessons of flora, fauna, food and drinks. Enjoy the rugged interior of the island, see all St Martin’s nature has to offer while enjoying learning about our agricultural practices, a nature hike, our local guavaberry rum and our beaches.

We will take you around the entire island while visiting the SXM Hillside Plantation & Eco Resort where we will enjoy an introduction into Agriculture on St.Martin after which our guide will lead you on a nature hike, visit a distillery where our legendary folk drink of St. Maarten / St. Martin is made and relax, enjoy the beach and a swim at Friar’s Bay.

All our tours have a maximum of 6 guests, if your group is larger check out our Private Tour section. Our vehicles are air conditioned.

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    For a detailed description of the Agricultural Nature Hike Tour see further below.

    Several mornings during weekdays and the weekend

    Starting Point:
    Dock Maarten in Philipsburg – How to get there?

    Shore Excursion-  Coming by cruise ship?

    During the Week (Monday-Friday)
    From 8 AM – 1 PM

    Weekend (Saturday)
    From 8 AM – 1 PM

    Adult $119, Child up to 12 yrs. $99

    What to wear/ bring:
    The Agricultural Nature Hike Tour involves one hike. Wear walking shoes, a hat and suntan lotion. 

    Included in this trip:
    Introduction to Agriculture on St.Martin and a Nature Hike at the Hillside Plantation & Eco Resort.
    Rum tasting at Guavaberry Colombier Tradition
    Visit to Friar’s Bay Beach

    We’ll have cold water, and serve iced lemon grass tea with a piece of our homemade banana bread during our snack break. Upon making your reservation please let us know whether there are any specific dietary requests.

    Detailed Description
    Agricultural Nature Hike Tour

    Depending on the weather, the size and level of fitness of the group we’ll visit the following sites while driving around the entire island sightseeing both the Dutch and French side:

    SXM Hillside Plantation and Eco Resort
    Agriculture & Nature Hike

    SXM Hillside Plantation and Eco Resort offers hiking, agricultural education and relaxation all in one place. Enjoy the rugged interior of the island. Active tour to see all St Martin’s nature has to offer.
    You will be welcomed by agriculture engineer and aquaponics leader Joslyn Richardson who will give you an insight in the ways of doing agriculture on our beautiful island of St.Martin, Caribbean.

    After the introduction into Agriculture on St.Martin our guide will lead you on the nature hike, the nature hike, approx. 1 hour and moderate to moderate-strenuous hiking level, will take you through the rugged interior of the island, starting at the SXM Hillside Plantation and Eco Resort in South Reward going to the top of the hill overlooking the lush green valley of Colombier.

    Guavaberry Colombier Tradition
    Distillery visit and Rum tasting

    Guavaberry is the legendary folk drink of St.Maarten/St.Martin. Louis Maccow is the founder of the family business “Guavaberry Colombier Tradition”. His passion for Guavaberry comes from his parents, they picked these emblematic fruits of Saint Martin. Back in the day’s, his father’s days, people would go to his father’s house and sing “good morning good morning, I come for the Guavaberry”.

    Discover one of our Christmas Traditions all the secrets of its manufacture unchanged for centuries! Guavaberry Colombier Tradition is where you can find a piece of Paradise.

    Friar’s Bay
    Beach and Swim 

    At Friar’s Bay we’ll  go for a nice and refreshing swim at the beach. We’ll serve you our homemade iced lemongrass tea with a nice slice of our homemade banana bread as dessert on the beach.