Are you coming to Philipsburg, St Martin/ St Maarten by cruise ship? Looking for  an unique shore excursion? And are you considering joining Seagrape Tours on one of our off-the-beaten-path and small group Nature, History, and Art Tours? Below we’re addressing some of the concerns you might have regarding timing and your cruise. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us a message.

My ship arrives later than 8 am, can I do a tour with you?

Yes, when making a reservation please let us know what time your ship is scheduled to dock. If it’s later than 8 am we will adjust the starting time of our tour so we’ll be able to accommodate you.

Some ships only arrive at midday to stay overnight; we can take you out on an afternoon tour in that case.

Will I make it in time to your meeting point?

If your ship is docking half an hour prior to our starting time, then you will make it to our meeting point at Dock Maarten. Usually ships arrive at 8 am, so you’ll be in time for our 8.30 am start. Sometimes ships don’t announce very clearly that you can get off the ship, just proceed to the deck where you can disembark and you’ll see you’ll be let go.

Then also: don’t worry if the ship is not letting you off immediately. We know the ship’s in port, we know you’re on it, you’ve paid us a deposit, so we wait till you get to our meeting point. We’ll start the tour when you get there, you’ll still get the full tour even if you’re half an hour late.

Will the tour be back in time for my cruise ship?

Seagrape Tours has been taking guests on tours around St Maarten since 2014, and we are happy to say we have returned 100% of our cruise ship guests back to the ship on time.

Which is not really a big achievement considering our regular tours return at the latest by 1 pm and most ships leave at 5 pm. Check your cruise ship’s itinerary to see what time your ship leaves. Let us know which ship you’re on, we’ll check our sources as well for the ship’s timing. We will not accept your booking when we think we won’t be able to bring you back in time.


Do you have any other concerns? Please let us know.

We’ve been doing tours with cruise ship guests for years, our Tripadvisor rating would not have been 5 stars if we weren’t delivering a good job, including our timing :).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Nascha Kagie & Werner van de Zilver
Owners and Tour Guides
Seagrape Tours
St Maarten/ St Martin

Your Tour Guides Nascha & Werner