Snorkeling St Maarten/ St Martin

During our Hiking and Snorkel Tour we will enter the warm tropical waters of St Martin to explore the habitats below sea level with a nice and refreshing snorkel. We’re sure you will appreciate St Martin’s beach and marine life.

Guided Snorkeling

All our Nature Tour guides will take you to a lovely and quiet snorkel site – weather and sea conditions taken into account – for an Underwater Nature Tour with our well fitting snorkeling equipment.

There will be flotation devices available if needed, but you are expected to know how to swim.

Snorkeling with my then 3 year old

Snorkeling with a then 3 year old

Children are welcome too! We’ve had children from 3 years old enjoying swimming with a mask, snorkel and fins – no problem with the help of arm floaties for instance.

If you’ve never snorkeled before, we’re happy to introduce you and your offspring to this wonderful activity which will open up a new world for you. If you think this is going to be your least favorite part of the tour, you are welcome to hang out on the beach and soak up the sun, just know that our patient guides love to teach you how to snorkel so you can enjoy St Martin’s submarine wildlife as well.

What to bring?

Suntan lotion (reef safe!) and/ or a rash guard to protect you from the sun are advised. A dry box will come in handy so you can take your valuables with you in the water – always better than leaving them up for grabs in the car or on the beach. If you don’t have any dry bags or boxes yourself (yet) we can provide you with one of ours.

There is a 10% discount at The Scuba Shop for Seagrape Tours customers if you would like to purchase your own dry box or bag (starting at $8) or a rash guard (starting at $30).

Then a towel, a hat and sunglasses are always handy.

St Maarten/ St Martin’s average sea water temperature varies from a low of 25°C/77°F from January to April, to a high of 28°C/82°F in September. No need for wetsuits when snorkeling.

French Angelfish

More Snorkeling on St Maarten/ St Martin

There are many sailboats, catamarans and speedboats visiting our offshore islets and rocks, remote beaches and even other islands like Anguilla or St Barths for some quality snorkel time. These boat & snorkel trips vary from $65 to $139 per person. Most full day trips are just below the $100 mark. Let us know where you’ll be staying on the island or whether you’re coming in by cruise ship and we’ll advise you the greatest snorkel trips departing close to you. Over the years we have done most of them ourselves and we are happy to share our experiences with you and recommend you our favorites

One of our favorites and focused on eco-friendly and nature-loving: Just one snorkel stop, but from a stunning and spacious trimaran with homemade lunch and snacks, a maximum of 12 guests only (lots of space per person!) and no single use plastics on board is sailing excursion No1SXM from our friends Mirian and Pieter.

Snorkeling can also be done from St Martin’s beaches: calm and easy on the ones that are sheltered from theBaie Lucas trade winds – the beaches and bays on our West and South Coast. And with more fish and corals on our rougher Eastern Atlantic Coast: more sea currents mean more fresh nutrients and thus more fish.

A great and free guide to the snorkel sites of St Maarten/ St Martin you can pick up at The Scuba Shop. They also rent snorkel gear and sell gear ranging from low budget to top of the range quality. (Our Hiking & Snorkel Tour includes the use of Seagrape Tours’ snorkel gear.)

Scuba Diving St Maarten/ St Martin

For impressive and full grown reefs teeming with life from the smallest cleaner shrimps to lobsters, rays, sharks and turtles we recommend scuba diving St Maarten in the offshore Man of War Shoal Marine Park. Contact us for a referral to our preferred dive shops.